Impact of Online Reviews on Consumer Buying Behaviors


  • Sanabil Javed, Dr. Asmat Ara


In this era of digital technology online shopping has become a regular part of consumer’s lives globally. Internet has gained status of as a dynamic commercial platform. Traditional buying by individual has changed now. Online consumer reviews on products and services play an increasingly growing role in customer’s buying decision making process.Online buying can be divided into attitudes formation and adoption of online products/services. The current study reveals different aspects of reading online reviews and their impact on Karachi based buyer’s buying decisions. Most important factors that influence online purchasing are trust, risk, demographics, gender, website, content and variety.Results also highlight the impact of negative reviews on buying decisions and study also found some interesting differences in male and female respondent’s preferences.This survey conducted through online survey forms (Google forms) in which the method of Purposive Sampling was used.The sample size set by researchers was 100 which comprises of equal number of males and females.




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