About the Journal

The Journal of Mass Communication provides a forum for the presentation of scholarship and criticism about mass media in the fields of literature, history, art, sociology, law, political science, economics, anthropology and the sciences. It is a peer reviewed journal which ensures scientific originality of all of its content.

The journal aims to bring latest research in the field of mass communication and media studies. Since this a diverse field therefore the scope of the journal includes a broad range of researches. Methodologically, journal articles employ qualitative and quantitative methods, survey research, ethnography, laboratory experiments, historical methods, and legal analysis.

Previously known as the Department of Journalism, the Department of Mass Communication, was established in 1955 with a diploma course for working journalists. The objective was to produce qualified journalists and media professionals and to cater to the growing needs of the national press and the mass communication industry. In 1962, the diploma program was replaced by a regular two year M.A. Program. This was done in the light of recommendations of the Pakistan Press Communication with the aim to expand and modernize media education in the country.

The students have to opt for a medium in which they can express themselves conveniently. The teachers of the department have a professional background with experience in every sector of the media, namely, print, radio, television, advertising and public relations. Since the system in the country is multi lingual, separate classes are held in English and Urdu languages as mediums of instruction.

The department has upgraded to the level of a full fledged institute, known as Dr. Feroze Ahmed Institute of Mass Communication.

A bi annual journal, known as ‘Journal of Mass Communication’ is published. This bilingual journal is reserved for research articles only. Two to four books are published every year. These valuable publications are the latest and relevant material available to Urdu medium students. Similar approach has been adopted to bring out issues in English. A newspaper entitled “Inkeshaf” is published each semester to provide a training base to students. Students produce the entire content of this newspaper. In 2003, the department launched a monthly newsletter, “The Media Mirror”, which publishes news stories and comments on media related events and issues.