Investigating the Quality of Data Using Situated Learning Theory and Communication Mediation Model: PLS-SEM Approach to Estimate the Reliability and Validity of the Constructs.

  • Sumera Memon, Mohammad Ali Shaikh


This article examines the reliability of the instruments by using Partial Least Squares PLS and determined the convergent validity and discriminant validity of the latent variable under study. Specifically, the suggestion for applying PLS-SEM in media and communication studies has followed to prove the potentials of PLS-SEM using 228datase. Hence, current study involves 7- constrcuts, 51-item which were adopted and adapted from various scholars to measure the complete process of political socialization of youth. The results of measurement model show that the out of 51 items 42 items are with loadings greater than 0.50. In applying PLS SEM, the measurement model gives assurance that indicators have strong relationship with their corresponding latent constructs. Also, items show the convergent and discriminate validity of corresponding constructs. The implication of the measurement model results proved that PLS will assist communication and media studies that are designed as exploratory studied that will lead to theory building.