Being Woman Hard: Contextualising Men’s Usage of Makeup on Vlogs

  • Maheen Sachedina
  • Sadia Mahmood


Gender roles are learned through socio-economic, political and cultural influences. In popular culture the gender roles are depicted in stereotypical ways. In the new form of media content available online, have presented different models of gender behaviour. This research has taken content on YouTube produced by a group of young men and analysed it for the content pertaining to women. The qualitatively analysed videos are produced by Buzzfeed. This study has shown that even on alternative media channels and narratives, cis-gendered men undertake feminine behaviour in the guise of humour to not to have their masculinity questioned by the society. The content analysed is mainly focused on how these men do acts which are primarily done by women but in its context, it is not a serious attempt, it is attempting to trivialise what feminine gender roles are.