Role of Media Freedom in promoting political stability and Economic Development

  • Khalid Mehmood Iraqi
  • Ramsha Aftab Sariyo


The Media has been emerging as one of the most important component of the state for the past few decades; our society witness great advancement and evolution in this globalized and technology poised era. Although the power of different tools of media like pen and radio was not to be underestimated, yet the advent of electronic and now social media has increased the role of the media manifold.The sampling methods used are simple random sampling. A questionnaire was developed to collect primary data to observe the public perception. Data from previous researches conducted on this topic has been used for comparison and confirmation of the data collected, official surveys and quantitative data from official records have also been studied as literature review.In this research we have attempted to gauge the role of the electronic media in the Pakistani society. We have specifically tried to find out the extent to which the electronic media has the power to mold the political opinion of the public. The masses have the right to shift the balance of power from one political side to another; this paper examines how much power the media manipulate and influence on the political beliefs of the masses.