Engaging Consumers in Social Media: From the Perspective of S-O-R

  • Khalid Mehmood Iraqi
  • Shahrukh Zohaib
  • Atiya Jan Mohammad


With the advancement of technology and increased use of social media, brands become the part of the virtual world and trying to grab customers’ attention. Brand pages enable customer to voluntarily participate in providing feedback, ideas and collaborate with others, this add value to the firm. This research explores which characteristics help the brands that influence consumers to generate responses in the form of feedback, collaboration and mobilization. For this, data was collected from 250 respondents who had purchased their favorite brand in last 4 months using five Point Likert-scale adopted questionnaires. PLS- SEM was used to analyze the model using smart PLS. The results indicate that content quality lead to brand learning values and hedonic values. Whereas, customer contact quality directs brand learning value only. Both, hedonic and brand learning value induce customer engagement behaviors.