Coverage of Women Sports in the Pakistan’s Newspapers

  • Malik Adnan
  • Shazia Shahab Shaikh
  • Arjumand Bano Soomro


The present research attempts to explore how much women sports are being covered in Pakistani newspapers. Many analysts in Pakistani context argued that women should not be shown on media and should not really be playing outdoor sports such as cricket as they have to play in before public while wearing inappropriate outfit. Within such context, the present research paper analyzes the news coverage of women’s sports in national dailies of Pakistan from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017. It is intended to investigate the difference in the coverage of the three newspapers. For this purpose, three newspapers the Daily ‘Kawish’ (Sindh newspaper), the Daily ‘Express’ (Urdu newspaper) and the Daily ‘The News’ (English newspaper) has been selected for research. The content analysis was employed as a research technique to collect data or find out line of women’s sport. The content analysis technique reveals that the women’s sports news in the Daily ‘The News’ (English language newspaper) was more (9266) covered than the ‘Daily Express’ (Urdu language Newspaper) (8479) and the ‘Daily Kawish’ (6618) (Sindhi language Newspaper).