Role of Media Freedom in promoting political stability and Economic Development

  • Amjad Ali Memon
  • Fehmida Memon


With the advent of technology Mass Media has been flourishing day by day. Research shows that Media freedom is beneficial for the stability and health of the economic system of a country. Since 1947, Pakistan has a free and fair Media, but nothing can be said certainly due to absence of empirical evidence and concrete literature on the relationship between Media Freedom, Political Stability and Economic growth.

This study focuses on the empirical bases and relation among the Independent variable Media freedom and Dependent variables, Political stability and Economic growth. Political stability index has been used as a proxy for political stability, World press freedom index for Media Freedom and Annual GDP growth percentage for Economic Growth. The data is secondary in nature and spans 2001-2018, the structural equation modeling has been used to check the significance of hypotheses using IBM-AMOS.First, Media freedom has significantly positive effect on Political Stability. Second, Media freedom has insignificantly positive effect on economic growth. Third, Since 2001- 2018 Pakistan has been negatively scored in Political stability index showing instability in the country.This research study is authors’ original work and is the 1st of its kind to check the impact of Media freedom on Political stability and economic growth using proxies via structural equation modeling.