Digital and Traditional Media: A Comparative Study of Two Podiums

  • Wirsha Shahid Uddin
  • Fouzia Naz


In online or new media, the style of storytelling has dramatically changed, and feedback is quite immediate. There is always evaluation or alteration which is a need for a society which goes towards development. Online journalism has also enhanced citizen journalism as it has an optional advanced search, background, powerful medium, a fine strategy, ideas, perception and a lot more. Online media now influence the readers or listeners to concentrate.

This article explores the analysis of digital and traditional media in this era where masses are adopting it in many means, not in terms of getting information only. Today where blogging is considered journalism, the new media is creating risks for traditional media due to its outdated feature. In the beginning 1990’s online news deeply took content originating from traditional media, but online journalists have set their own editorial policy, goals, strategy, and agenda. The traditional media like newspaper allows mere consumption of information regarding happenings nationally and internationally whereas through online media a social change also occurred for opinion makers. New media is not the substitute or the replacement of traditional or conventional media but it is all about dependencies between and among media. In this context, the article pays consideration towards the new evolution of both mediums.