Challenges Faced by the Women Journalists: A Case Study of Gilgit-Baltistan


  • Dr. Zaeem Yasin, Dr. Akbar Ali, Asifa Musarat


Gender inequality, in the field of journalism, is a debated issue worldwide. There has been limited scholarly focus on the challenges faced by women journalists in Pakistan, particularly in Gilgit Baltistan. This qualitative study aims to bridge this research gap by examining both subtle hurdles encountered by female journalists in Gilgit Baltistan. By utilizing gender-based theories as a framework and employing analysis, researchers delve into the unequal power dynamics and gender-related aspects within their work environment and organizational hierarchies. Through the data obtained by semi-structured interviews using snowball sampling technique, researchers shed light on the obstacles faced by female journalists across all the districts of Gilgit Baltistan. These challenges encompass factors such as perceptions of media among the local population, societal and cultural pressures discouraging women from pursuing journalism careers, gender discrimination concerning promotions and salary gaps limited opportunities for professional growth as well as instances of sexual harassment. Moreover, female journalists also face indirect threats, from both the media owners creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. The fear of losing their jobs coupled with ingrained socio-biases further discourages female journalists from speaking out against these systemic injustices. In conclusion, this study highlights that the struggles experienced by women journalists are intricately connected to structural gender disparities. To tackle these obstacles and enhance the situation of women journalists it is vital to confront the disparities and power dynamics, between men and women, in the field of journalism. Additionally, it is crucial to advocate for education that challenges prevailing standards.




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