Modi Regime: Citizenship Bill and its correlation with Hindutva’s Philosophical Agenda


  • Dr. Shujaat Hussain


With the changing global trends, borders are disappearing between truth and lies, fiction and nonfiction, honesty and dishonesty. Through alternative opinion, the depiction of truth can be altered and feelings and personal views have more value than evidence. This paper will discuss Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s right-wing agenda of Hindutva which has its roots in the Gujarat Massacre 2002, and then proceeded to the CAB Citizenship amendment bill 2019.  This era which is a notion of misinformation is a challenge to the world because globally, this practice is forming fictional reality but in India, this is baked by the majority entities along with right-wing extremists which are now the ruling party communication tactic. Narendra Modi’s philosophy is not just an ideology but is an amalgamation of misinformation, miscommunication, and exploitation of fact with a long journey of almost two decades. Indian political scenario is all about following the post-truth notion in which citizens and politicians no longer respect truth but they have to accept the repeated miscommunicated facts although there is some serious opposition for this emerging social and political condition Indian establishment is turning non-existing facts into immediate reality and gaining many long term benefits from criticism.




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