Social Media and Women Empowerment in Pakistan – A Study of Opportunities and Challenges


  • Syeda Afsheen & Dr. Nusrat Idrees


The research paper presents the findings of a quantitative research study focused on the utilization of social media as a tool of gaining empowerment by women in Pakistan. The research uncovers the opportunities and challenges that Pakistani woman face in this journey. The data for the study has been collected through a survey conducted among 100 social media based Pakistani entrepreneurs. The data shows that with the help of social media based businesses, women are fostering social change, sharing power and decision-making process with men along with generating personal income and saving. The data further reveals that Pakistani women commonly face trust issues, cyber harassment and bullying, lack of secure payment options and non-serious attitude of buyers in dealing with people on social media. The study finds that most of the women consider social media a great opportunity to establish their business with the ease of working from their home at flexible timings whereas low maintenance business cost and working simultaneously on multiple projects are other major opportunities that women are availing. The study concludes that the role of social media is very supportive for the women empowerment struggle in Pakistani however, the problems and challenges identified in the study need to be addressed adequately at government level.




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