Social Media trends: An Analysis


  • Ms. Arifa Azhar


Social Media has emerged as a most influential type of advertising that no one can deny its power. Main stream media also seemed influenced and affected by social media. It has less media waste and more effective to grab its target audience. Its works wonders as its works as direct advertising. This investigation is about how social media is taking turns and twists to grab its market as far as possible. Future of advertising lies in it. Our youth is addicted to social media so as our marketeers. It also provides aid in growing SMEs especially during COVID times. Advertisements are delivered directly to viewers over the internet through streaming video, showing posts and so on. In this investigation i will talk about different currently running trends and analyse their performance. Social Media is working with arti2icial intelligence, collecting information about consumer interests and activities to become more appropriate to advertise relevant product /service to one. Social Media is space to provide fun, activity, entertainment, knowledge and now even recruitment opportunities to an individual. It’s not merely connecting individuals but institutions as well. It’s forming different communities; this is also source of raising simple people’s voice. Social Media has even proved to be effective in political image building. This investigation will take you to the variant colours of social media.




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